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1 Anúncios 1.Um Mensagem da Lila Tretikov sobre isso os conflitos entre WMF e comunidade. 2 Geral 2.Um Se tivéssemos mais editores que soubessem inglês, isto melhoraria a característica das edições da Wikipédia lusófona? 2.1.Um Um ou mais wikilivro para isso? 2.Dois CNPJ de corporações nos posts? 2.Três O que fazer?

2.5 Como representar a Wikipédia 2.5.1 Ainda em andamento? Thank you everyone for the insights and arguments you’ve shared with me and each other over the past week -- I am continually using them to inform my thinking. Your passion is undeniable, and I want you to know that my passion for this movement is too. I’ve read what you’ve sent my way these past few days.

In return I want to share with you my thoughts on where I think we are, and where we need to be. The Board brought me into this project in order to lead a transformation at the WMF. I accepted the challenge because I believe you’ve created an incredible project that has changed the way the world experiences knowledge. This means we must make some changes.

And we must make them together. Do this with mutual understanding and respect. This weekend I posted a set of questions here, on my talk page. They represent the issues I am grappling with, and the things I wish to understand in order to assess the specifics of changes we need to make. I appreciate the responses you’ve shared so far, and look forward to receiving more. I would like to quote Martijn Hoekstra, who stated on this page that it is “the burden of the person with the initiative to initiate the dialog. In case of WMF software projects, that's the WMF.” We are going to do that.

I want you to know that I hear you, as different as you all are. Everyone has legitimate concerns about the current situation: not just the recent issue involving the WMF and the de.wp community, but the ways in which we work together overall. I actively engaged with you to solve this. We need to transform our conversations into an ongoing and improving process with common goals.

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While we are all part of a larger community, we have different tasks. Of our movement entities, the Wikimedia Foundation is in the unique position to lead the continued development of the technology making these projects possible. This means we understand ourselves as a technology organization. Yet many of you need to be able to influence and affect the direction our projects take -- this means being heard and taken into account even on things you don’t directly work on. You need opportunities to review the development of product earlier and during critical junctures.

Our approaches need to evolve and mature. We need to find a better way to collaborate. The WMF is a part of our community -- the part that is responsible for developing and maintaining software and servers. We all want to want to participate in deciding which features get implemented and how, but the current approach of voting on them artigo-rollout is disruptive and inefficient.

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